Our Firm

Shandling & Landsman, LLP is the continuation of predecessor firms that date back to 1913. Our commitment today is the same as when the firm was founded. We provide our clients with unsurpassed service in accounting, tax preparation, tax planning and many other forms of financial services. We take pride in the fact that we have developed not only a diverse clientele, but also one that has in many instances spanned four generations. We strive to not only offer services for our current clients but for their family and heirs yet to come. We make it a point to try to get to know each and every one of our clients in order to better serve them. In many cases this has not only led to good business relations but to personal ones as well. While we are a small firm we have vast experiences in many types of accounting and tax issues. We have resources available to our clients for every financial need, such as insurance, estate planning, retirement planning and more. Our firm’s philosophy, which has not changed since it was founded, is to put our client’s needs first. As an example, in the heyday of the aggressive tax shelters which came back to haunt most investors, we refused to put our clients in investments which did not have a sound financial basis for risking their money. This was true in light of the fact that commissions were available to the firm for every investment that would have been made by our clients. While many firms today have obtained insurance licenses so that they share in the commission earned by the insurance brokers we have refused to participate in this newest form of increasing revenue. We believe it is important for our clients to know that if we think there is a need for insurance that we have no ulterior motive behind the recommendation. It is matter of developing and maintaining a level of trust between our clients and us that has sustained and allowed us to continue to grow as a firm.

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Barry J. Albano Managing Partner


Barry has been with Shandling and Landsman, LLP in excess of 45 years and specializes in dealing with taxation and estate planning. He regularly counsels the firm’s clients (a large majority of which are in the real estate industry) in business matters dealing with tax implications and minimization, as well as estate planning.

  • Education: CW Post of Long Island University
  • Bachelor of Science - Accounting May 1972
  • Masters of Taxation – May 1979

Stuart Lubowsky Partner


Stuart joined the firm in 1984 and has been a Partner at Shandling and Landsman, LLP for over 20 years. Stuart is responsible for professional and personalized accounting services to individuals and businesses.

  • Education: Brooklyn College
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting May 1982

Nancy D. Luiso Accounting & HR Manager


Nancy has been with Shandling and Landsman, LLP for over 30 years. She is an accounting and human resources manager for the firm. Nancy specializes in compliance with AICPA guidelines and deals with peer review matters. Nancy also specializes in dealing with various accounting and trust and estate software as well as tax preparation and planning.

  • Education: Iona College – Hagan School of Business
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting May 1987